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Monitoring functions were removed for the sake of the players, officials said Pokemon Go

After months of great success, the Niantic developers have released the first major update for the game, but despite having a number of new features, deployment terribly -. With many people threatening to quit smoking, complaints and complain that some of the most central elements of the game are now broken.

Many of these complaints revolve around the elimination of "no meter," which is used to measure the distance of a Pokemon was. This has been a useful management tool to help people find Pokemon that had not yet taken those who were near.

Before he was removed, the function and broke, and has not shown that the information was designed.

In the absence of oversight function, many people have turned to third-party applications. Those who also broke in the last update.

Both changes have angered most hardcore users most of Pokemon Go, who complain that now have no way to find the creatures they seek.

Developers have tried to explain these changes, you arguing that they were made for good players.

"We've eliminated the" 3 steps "to improve the underlying screen design," he wrote in Facebook. "The originality, enjoyed by many, was also confused and unresponsive our objectives underlying products. We will update you as we strive to improve this feature."

Beyond being "confusion", the function was completely broken in recent weeks. It was this problem that led to many third party applications have also been banned because tracking tool was the only officially find creatures - and showed only three steps for each Pokémon, no matter how far they were.

The company said that these applications were forbidden to ben because they were causing a problem for people who play the game in the standard way.

"We have access third party services that have been interfering with our ability to maintain quality of service for our users and to bring users Pokémon GO limited world," they wrote.

"The large number of users has made the deployment of worldwide Pokémon IR ... interesting ... a challenge. And we're not done yet! Yes, Brazil, who want to bring the game to you (and many other countries which is not yet available) ".

The company said it appreciated the various messages he received from angry people who were upset that the features were broken - or had never had access to them first.

"We have read your messages and emails and understand the frustration of people in places where not yet been launched, and for those of you who miss these features," wrote the team. "We want them to know that we work crazy hours to keep the game going as we continue to launch worldwide.

"If you have not heard much chirping that is because we were upside down to work on the game. But we will do our best to move forward to keep informed about what is happening".

Some people said that the office had encouraged them and already have no intention to leave the game.

"It was the miscommunication that kept me so frustrated so I am very pleased to see this position today," he wrote a user who can not play the game, because he lives in Brazil, the commentary popular the update. "Keep trying to improve the game and hopefully I can play the game soon."

But others were still angry, and asked to have fixed problems with the game.

"If third-party services were a question, maybe you could pick one and work with them to provide reasonable monitoring solution while we wait to fix it on the playing characteristics," wrote a coach. "The game is really useless in my area without Pokevision."

Another said that the developers seemed to make a greater effort to stop their rivals to improve service.

"The monitoring system was working well until glitched with its first update," one of the most popular read comments.

"Elimination of the printing system feels more like an attempt to stop third-party systems, rather than actually fixing something.

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